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Mate I was doing with ended up leaving early, and it’s no fun alone. Will do it next time they’re here.


Exploring an abandoned school

Yo. It’s ya mate, AdamTTGL. I’ve got some in real life content for you mates (Probably no one to be honest). Last night be and a mate of my went to an old shut down school, which for some reason had the lights on. I took some pictures and we checked the outside out. Tonight we plan to check the inside. We know it’s probably nothing like aliens or the government, but it’s still pretty fun though. So I’m gonna post last nights pictures here, and later post a blog with our findings on the inside. Maybe make a map just for the lols. Pictures are in no specific order.


TTGL Newspaper 4/26/2018

Welcome to the first ever official TTGL newspaper. written, edited, and researched by AdamTTGL, founder and owner of the TTGL newspaper. As time goes on, the newspaper will get more articles as we get more writers. But for now there’s only me so there’s only one article per paper. I apologize for the lack of content it may have. But lets get into the news mates.


Thighs and Thigh Highs

Thighs and Thigh highs enter the stage! What do people think about them?


I interviewed multiple people on a very hot topic today, thighs. What do people like about them? What do they dislike? Personal favorite thighs? I’ve got interviews covering everything, but for this first interview, it will be my words since the person I interviewed did not write anything in chat and I didn’t write it down.


Max was difficult to talk to, that was for sure, but he did give some insight on what kind of thighs he prefers. In the interview he stated “Thighs can’t be too fat. People like to make them fat, but they shouldn’t be too fat. But they shouldn’t be too skinny either. Skinny thighs look awkward. ” He also mentioned that thighs are probably the biggest part of the body, but I’d like to disagree. His final statement to me was “Thighs should be 10 inches left to right, and 8 inches front to back”. Here is the quote in his own words “Perfect thigh: 10 inches across, 8 inches front to back”. When I decided to end the interview and ask him the final question “What are your thoughts on thigh highs” he simply insulted them. That tells me that this man prefers bare thighs, and I can see the appeal in that, but I personally prefer thigh highs.


This next interview is a bit longer and we have the entire chat written down. However, this mans identity will not be revealed.


Me: Hello

Him: Heelo

Me: I’d like to interview you on your current standing of thighs

Man: Sure

Me: alright, lets start of simple, what are your favorite kind of thighs?

Him: Normal not fat

Me: Ah. Is there a specific race that you prefer when it comes to thighs?

Him: Japanese

Me: Alright, just one more question. What are your current though on thigh highs?

Him: I think it looks sexy but no on all women

Me: What kind of women would look good in them?

Him: The fit kind I think. Not too skinny nor chubby

Me: I see, but what of thigh highs on men?

When I asked him that, he posted a no entry emoji in the chat, and we departed our separate ways. This chat went into more details than the last, revealing that men prefer girls that are in between chubby and skinny, but we still don’t have the details on what kind of thigh highs men like, so this last interview will cover that.


This final interview was kind of long, so I’ll skip to the end.

Me: What about thigh highs?

Person: Women’s Silk Reflections on their Thigh-High. Superb

Me: Ah. For the final question: When girls finish putting on thigh highs, at the end of them, there will usually be a point where they sorta push into the girls thigh causing that spot to sort of dig in. I don’t quite know how to explain it so I’ll send a picture


(Heavily censored picture of girl in skirt)

Me: What do you think of the areas I circled?

Person: Alright

After that I ended the interview.


Now that we’re at the end of this article, let me sum up what we learned today. No one likes mens thighs. The preferred thigh type is in between skinny and chubby. Most people prefer foreign races. And thigh highs are superb. That’s all for this paper today. I hope to see you folks next week!

Anime Recommendations

Yo maties! I decided to start blogging again (even though no one looks at them….) and start making some more in case someone does find them and ends up finding them helpful! I’m post a blog monthly and some occasional reviews on anime that are new and coming out for people unsure if they wanna watch it! Anyways, lets get into the blog!


As you can see by the title of this blog, the top of this week is Anime Recommendations. I went over them when I made a blog explaining why what some people thought about anime was wrong, like how some people think anime is for kids. While it’s true that a lot are, there’s also a lot made for teens and adults. Today in this blog, I’ll be giving recommendations for those that got into anime from that blog or people just looking for anime to watch. This blog will consist of 5 different anime each with a short synopsis and at least two reasons I think you should watch it! I won’t be recommending any from the previous blog, so make sure you read it so you don’t miss out!


Anime #1:

Angel Beats


Angel Beats is about Yuzuro Otonashi who wakes up and sees a girl with a sniper rifle, and when he ask her about it she tells him that he’s dead and the girl who she’s about to shoot is an Angel.


Angel Beats is sorta a classic, even people who have just started watching anime has heard about it. It’s great, the visuals, the soundtracks, the characters, I can’t really find a flaw, I was even satisfied with the ending, which is getting rarer and rarer now these days. I highly recommend it.


Anime 2:

Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan is about Titans roaming the Earth, eating people. The Titans have even driven the humans inside of three large walls that no titan can get through. Well, that is until one does. A massive, irregularly large Titan bust through the first wall, and Titans soon come in and devour the citizens living in it, include Eren Jaeger’s mother. After witnessing his mom being eaten by a Titan, Eren and close friend Mikasa Ackerman join the fight against the Titans.


This is also another well known anime to people who don’t watch or are getting started. I personally don’t watch it, but it’s hard to ignore putting it on the list with it being so big. I don’t like this one my self, but if it sounds interesting to you, don’t let me hold you back from watching it. Just because someone like me (An elitist jerk) doesn’t watch it, doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Anime 3:

Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul is about Ken Kaneki, a 19 year boy who’s into reading. One day, he brings his friend Hide (Pronounced He Day) to his favorite reading place, Anteiku, to show him the girl he likes. She notices they’re reading the same book, and then they talk a bit. And finally go on a date. After that, Kaneki has to find his place between Ghoul and Human.


This is personally one of my favorite manga. Same goes for the anime, but I prefer the manga more. I highly recommend watching this, especially since Tokyo Ghoul :re the anime is coming out soon.


Anime 4:

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood



FMAB is about Edward and Alphonse Elric, two brothers who tried bringing their mother back to life when they were kids, how ever this cost Edward his Right arm and Left leg, and Alphonse his entire body. His brother managed to use his blood to seal Al’s body into a suit of armor. And since then they’ve been training to become Alchemist for the Military.


Pretty sure any one who watches TV or is online has heard of this. It’s every where. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.


Anime 5:



Steins;Gate is about Okabe Rintarou, a self proclaimed mad scientist, and his friends/lab partners Daru, and Mayuri. One day Okabe and Mayuri were at a Conference about Time Travel. Okabe hears a scream, and then finds Makise Kurisu laying on the ground in a puddle of blood. After the police arrive and he leaves the building, he texts his friend Daru of what happened, but Daru has his phone connected to their latest invention, the Phone Microwave. Okabe’s text sends as Daru is experimenting with the Phone Microwave, and Okabe is sent back to a different timeline where Kurisu is still alive. After this Okabe begins Time Travelling to save his friend Mayuri from death.

Watch this. You are trash unless you do. Not your taste. But you your self are objectively trash unless you do. Not really. This is my favorite entry on the list, and probably the most well known as well. Steins;Gate is the second anime/game in the ;(?) series, coming after Chaos;Head. I recommend you play them game, since there are multiple endings to get, and it’s better than the anime. Don’t get me wrong though, the anime is a master piece, but the game is like, a super master piece.


Well, that’s all for this blog. SEE YA NEXT TIME MATIES!

Arx Fatalis Game Review

Ayyyy lmao, it’s ya boi, AdamTTGL here, comin’ at you live with a rant post disguised by a game review. Before we get into the blog, I’ve got some note worthy stuff to say.


This blog will feature a game I think is worth your time, in this day in age of games where you have to pay for a subscription on Xbox or PS so you can play games you’ve already payed for. This game review series I’m making will go FAR back into history, and I mean FAR. There will be no entries where you have to pay more than once for the full game, or pay for a subscription to play it even after buying it. Although all of these will be for PC, and maybe some for console. What can I say? PC = Master race. Anyways, lets get into the blog mates.


Today’s review is:

Arx Fatalis

Related image

Arx Fatalis is made by the same people who made Dishonered, Dark Messiah, Bioshock 2, and Call of Duty World at War. It takes place in Arx, which is a land that was run underground into a large cavern system because the sun went away and the world went into an eternal winter. There are 8 levels of the cavern, and several races and their Kingdoms reside in them. You play as someone who has no memory and wakes up in a Goblin prison, and with the help of someone else, you escape. From then on you go to help the Human Kingdom and others if you wish, all while figuring out who you are and what your Destiny is.

Arx Fatalis was released 6 months before scheduled because of Arkane Studios original Publisher went under, and the new Publisher forced an early release, and due to this was very buggy and it earned Arx Fatalis a bad rep. It was done for good. The game went under and nearly forgotten because of how buggy it was until Arkane Studios released the source code in 2007, and someone made a patch for the game called Arx Liberatis, which made the game much more playable. If it weren’t for the game being released so early, this game would be considered a master piece, and still is considered to be one by many. (Fun fact, this is the ONLY game I prefer over Kingdom Hearts.)


Arx Fatlis is an RPG game that lets you play as you want. Wanna be stealthy? Then be stealthy! Wanna be a Warrior? Then go be a Warrior! Mage? No problem! As a matter of fact, magic is a big highlight of this game because it has a unique magic system. Instead of pressing a hotkey and just firing a spell, you must learn Runes, and then draw them in certain combinations using your mouse to use a spell. Don’t worry though, the game features a Spell Book which shows you the Runes you’ve learned, how to draw them, and how to cast the spells that are available to you. It also comes with a precast system where you can store three spells to be cast during battle.

Combat in the game is pretty fun, but not easy. During the entire game, you’ll probably learn that the secret to combat is to just back up, power charge, and then bait the enemy into missing so you can hit him, or spamming Fireball. But that’s if you want to do it the easy way. You can still fight like normal, although it is a bit hard.

Interacting with things in this game is amazing. If you see something, you can do something. If you see a Gem on the wall, you can use a pickaxe to get it out. If you see some water and flour, you can combine them to make bread dough, and put that near a fire and you have bread. Wanna go further? You can using a rolling pin on said dough to make pie, and you can either put that by a fire to cook it, or add apples and then cook it. Still not satisfied? Got some empty bottles and a wine barrel next to you? Use the bottles on the barrel to get wine, and then combine the wine with the pie, and you’ve made a red pie. You can repair weapons and armor using anvils, and even create your own weapons using materials you find or mine in a weapon forge.

Quest in the game are pretty much linear. There are plenty of side quest to discover, but also not that many. Although one of the side quest turns Trolls into a cheap Gem Dispenser and cause them to stop mining for the Goblins, which is pretty fun. But to be honest, that’s the only memorable side quest I can think of. As for the main quest, they require that you travel further and further down the cavern as the story goes, and sometimes it becomes hard to know where you’ve gotta go or to know what you have to do. I’ve gotten stuck a few times and had to watch videos on where to go, and that’s not something I do often. But this isn’t the entire quest system, that’s just sometimes. The quest usually involve you solving puzzles and then doing some other things. Although sometimes it feels like you’re doing nothing but fetch quest. But I assure you, it’s pretty funny.

The music for the game is kinda bland. It’s not really memorable, but at the same time it kinda sticks with you as you play and it sets up the feel of it. And as for how the game looks, well it did come out in 2002, so it doesn’t look that great, but it is better than some games out there.


Well, that was my review for Arx Fatalis. I’ve never really reviewed games, and am bad at reviewing anyways, so it’s probably bad. But I’m sure that at least one person who reads this will become interested in the game, and that’s good enough for me.


Little Witch Academia (TV) Review

Yo maties, today I am reviewing Little Witch Academia, an anime that hyped up so much but forgotten in the end. Anyways, I’ll talk about that in the blog so let’s get into it!

Little Witch Academia is an anime series consisting of two movies and TV series all made by Studio Trigger. It’s about Atsuko Kagari, often called Akko by friends, who enrolls into Luna Nova which is a prestigious school for Witches to chase after her dream of becoming a great Witch like her idol Shiny Chariot. Akko ends up finding the Shiny Rod, the wand Shiny Chariot uses after falling into the Arcturus Forest with her new friends Lotte Jansson and Sucy Manbavaran.

This anime was extremely hyped up when it was announced it was becoming a TV series, but when it finally came out no one talked about it. For some reason the hype died down and it was forgotten by most people which saddens me because it was an amazing anime with tons of great characters and development along with something that anime hasn’t seen in a while. I’ll get into that later in the blog, but for now let’s just talk about the anime and some ups and downs about it.

The Good

The anime was great; it had an amazing story, great side characters, mentors, amazing soundtrack, and just overall clean and wonderful art and animation. The side characters we meet aren’t bland at all, they get their own development and were well written. The characters were one of the strongest points in this anime and they all got character development that felt completely natural and not forced like in some other anime, the people you might hate at the start of the series might honestly be your favorite characters by the end. But not only that, but the voice actors really brought the characters to life. The mentors in this anime started out pretty shallow and actually looked down upon Akko, but her greatest mentor, Ursula, was there by her side the entire time and eventually all the teachers at Luna Nova began warming up to her along with the rest of the students there. The sound track was really amazing and fit this show so much I can’t describe it. The sound track just has a way of making moments in the show even better than they already were which is a bonus for me. Honestly, I’m blind when it comes to art and animation and can’t tell the difference between 30 frames and 60 frames per second due to the type of computers I’ve used my entire life so I’m not gonna judge these two, but I will say that in my eyes they were amazing.

The Bad

This show has its amazing moments but also flops in areas too, and the biggest flop it has is probably how it was rushed. The TV show was heavily rushed to get to the end of the show with a conclusion which saddens me because this show had brought something back to anime that we haven’t seen in a while. Adventure. Little Witch Academia was defiantly great but could have left a huge mark on today’s anime if it were longer with around 50 episodes or more. The beginning was just about Akko becoming a Witch and learning magic which was pretty fun to watch, but when the main plot hit the show became rushed because it didn’t have the episodes to do the show justice and the seven words Akko had to find were found in several episodes and I honestly thought it would have done better if the show had more episodes so finding the words would have been more of an adventure instead of a task. Aside from that, the only other thing I can really comment on in this section is the ending, which as I said, would have been better and more suspenseful if it had been longer.

And a quick note, you can watch the movies before or after the TV series, it doesn’t matter since they’re not connected. In fact, the original movie shows Akko, Sucy, and Lotte finding the wand in a completely different manner than they did in the TV series.

All in all, I defiantly suggest watching this if you have the free time. I don’t recommend getting your hopes too high when watching but it is still a great anime so you that’s something to look forward to.

Anyways, that’s it for this blog. Don’t forget that Diana best girl, and I’ll cya next time maties!

Spring Start-Up

Welcome to Anime with Senpai a blog that I try to post on every Thursday where I talk about several topics that might help people get into anime or understand certain things, or for people who already know what they’re doing to catch up on new anime and find something to watch! This week’s blog is about the anime season so far! Any ways, let’s get into the blog!


This season so far has been called a pretty good season so far by many people, but honestly I’ve only found one or two anime that I actually want to keep up with so far. Of course I don’t think the anime I don’t like are bad, but they’re just not my cup of tea. Any ways, So far I’ve only watched 4 anime so far which isn’t much considering that around 10 or more anime are airing and out of these four I only think I’ll actually only keep up with one because I like it. Now, let’s get into the anime.


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

      For the first anime on the list I decided to talk about probably one of the biggest there will be considering it’s part of the Naruto series. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about Boruto, Naruto’s son who is finally enrolled into the Ninja Academy. The story is a bit mysterious considering that the starting bit of he first episode is Boruto and some one fighting and the entire Hidden Leaf Village is destroyed.

      The anime from what I saw felt like a bit of the first Naurto mixed with Shippuden, and a bit of mystery. From the first two episodes I watched I got this feeling that it’s gonna be like the first Naruto, adventurous, then turn into a bit of Shippuden some time in by getting all serious. Hopefully unlike Shippuden it will be a bit more thought out instead of being thought of on the spot and the main character switching goals every arc.

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

      BSM (I’m not typing that entire title each time!) is about Nomura Fudou who was sent to what used to be an all girls school due to being part of a huge fight. And when he finally gets to the school, the five swords, girls who are permitted to carry swords on ground, are tasked with correct delinquents like Namura who get sent to the school.

      Honestly, this anime annoys me. I feel like it’s going to be a mix of those anime with OP MC’s, generic harems, and full of annoying tsundere’s. The girls on this show are SOOOOO annoying. They talk about “correcting” delinquents for co-existence between boys and girls when in reality the only problem is that they’re being annoying and force men to cross dress or the guys will get beat up. It makes me so mad, honestly. I feel like the MC is gonna fight every girl and win because he’s one of those MC’s, and I also feel like that after beating the girls they’re gonna fall for him an it’ll make a huge generic harem. And to back up the harem part, it’s already started. he’s already beat one of the girls and she’s already fell for him. Honestly, I’m gonna hate watching this but I have a feeling it might get better as it goes.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

      Rokudenashi is about Glenn Radar, a substitute teacher who was hand picked by one of the teachers, but he’s lazy and just keeps telling the class to self study. but ends up changing his mind after finally getting motivation to teach.

      This anime as I said about the previous one, I have this feeling that the MC is going to be another OP MC and a generic harem. Although about the OP MC part I feel like they’re gonna make him unique or he’s just gonna flop like other OP MC’s and be bland, but from what I’ve seen so far he’s pretty cool. Now, for the part of the anime I’m dreading, the two other side characters……. Honestly, I have no problem with one of the MC’s Rumia. She seems like a mysterious character, Sistine is the one I have a problem with. She honestly kind of annoying and acts a bit like a bland Tsundere, although I do have hope that this will change and turn into something else as the anime goes on.



      Re:Creators is about anime, manga. and game characters are being transported to reality by a mysterious girl.

      That’s about all I can say about it right now, but I have a feeling it’ll be way more than that. I watched both 2 episodes that are out so far and they look amazing. It feels generic but at the same time it’s unique and I just have this feeling that it’s gonna turn from what it is now into something more. Something more philosophical and a bit darker. due to the second episode. I seriously can’t wait to see how this anime ends and what happens to the characters. Although the MC is kinda annoying, so far all he has done is scream and yell, although I think this might change later in the series and instead of screaming he’ll be out there helping the others fight.

      Well, that’s all I have to say about these anime. I wish I could have talked about the last one more but I know if I did It’d turn into an entire rant, one big enough for it’s own blog! Well, not really, but still, I have high hopes for it. Any ways, I’ll see you next time maties!

Anime terms



Hello and welcome to Anime with Senpai, a weekly blog that I do every Thursday that goes over several things that new comers might want to know, or juts recommend anime to people who already know what they’re doing. Today’s topic is Anime Terms. Any ways, lets get into the blog!

There are many anime terms that people who don’t watch anime or people new to anime might not under stand such as “Otaku” or “Weeb”. Today I will be going over them and giving a brief description and the history behind them.



Otaku can be used in different ways depending on where you use it. Here in America most people use it as a good thing that describe people who watch anime. But in Japan it’s actually bad to be called an Otaku. Otaku is actually a word that describes people who are obsessed with something, this usually being anime and manga.

The term Otaku came around in the 1980’s as changing social mentalities and the nurturing of Otaku traits by Japanese schools combined with the resignation of such individuals to become social outcasts. The subculture’s birth coincided with the anime boom, after the release of works such as Mobile Suit Gundam before it branched into Comic Market. (Wikipedia)



A weaaboo, or weeb for short, is some one who admires the Japanese culture so much that they try to imitate it. But with out realizing it, they are actually insulting the culture when doing this. It is usually used out of term when people who don’t watch anime see some one who does. They usually call them a weeb thinking that all people who watch anime are the same.

The term weeaboo (or weeb later, compare dweeb) came from a comic strip created by Nicholas Gurewitch in which the term had no meaning other than it was something unpleasant. According to an unpublished MA thesis, 4chan quickly picked up the word, and applied it in an abusive way in place of the already existing wapanese term. (Quora)

People can have an interest in anime, manga, and the Japanese language and such and are not weeaboo’s because they do not try to imitate it. They simply have an interest in learning the language, or an interest in the culture it’s self. Also, Wapanese is the original term for Weeaboo. The only big differences are the names.



This is the term for when weeaboo’s use Japanese they learned from anime and manga and try to mix it with English creating Japanglish.

I am not sure where this word came to be and found nothing upon searching it online.



An Elitist is some one who watches anime and thinks that they have better taste in anime than most people because they watch anime that are called “Masterpieces” or anime that not a lot of people watch or even have heard of.

Again, just like with Japanglish I could not find out where this term came from.



Vocaloid is basically a song made using computers. In more in-depth terms Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer. Its signal processing part was developed through a joint research project led by Kenmochi Hideki at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain, in 2000 (the same team that later founded Voctro Labs) and originally was not intended to be a full commercial project. Backed by the Yamaha Corporation, it developed the software into the commercial product “Vocaloid” (Wikipedia)

I don’t really need to tell you where this came from, that first paragraph did.


Any ways, that’s about all for today. I’ll cya next time maties!

Genres part 2


Hello and welcome to Anime with Senpai, a blog series where I go over things that new comers might not understand and recommend anime and such as well. Last week I covered four genres, those being: Yuri, Shoujo Ai, Yaoi, and Shonen Ai. You can go check out the blog here, Any ways, let’s get into the blog!


Today we’ll be going over some more genres, not things like action, comedy or romance. Those are all self explanatory. Instead, we’re going over Shounen, Shoujo, Mecha, and Josei. Let’s get into it!


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Shounen translates to “Boy” in Japanese. Shounen anime target young boys under the age of 15. Most shounen anime tend to be similar, one such example being that a lot of shounen’s MC’s get a power and learn to use it. I honestly can’t pick just one recommendation for this genre. On one hand we have Boku no Hero Academia which is said to be the perfect shounen. And then there’s Katekyo Hitman Reborn! which I think is the perfect shounen. So instead of recommending one, just this once I will recommend both since they represent the genre very nicely and are similar in the basics (Kids gets power and becomes OP)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is about Tsuna, who’s bad at everything and is called Dame-Tsuna at his school (No good Tsuna). Then one day a baby shows up at his door telling Tsuna that he’s going to make him suitable to be the new boss of the biggest mafia family, Vongola. Tsuna is honestly a wimp at first, and unlike most shounen he stays a wimp for the first 20 episodes. But through out the anime he goes through many battles and ends up being very strong.

Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia is about a world where having superpowers (Which are called quirks) is normal. The MC Midoriya Izuku is born quirkless and people bully him for it. One day he meets his idol and the number one Hero All Might and starts his path to becoming the greatest hero. Just like KHR, the MC starts out weak and receives a power, except in MHA, the MC gets stong in the beginning. Although when I say strong, I mean he’s strong but actually the weakest. If he uses his powers it destroys his body, so he has to learn to control it. And even after doing so can only use 5% of the power.



Vampire Knight

Shoujo translates to “Girl” and tends to target young girls just like shounen does with boy. Unlike shounen, shoujo doesn’t usually focus around action, instead it usually focus on the ideal romance. Basically the romance girls usually wish they could have. My pic for this genre is Vampire Knight. It was very good. I’m not a girl and I still liked it. Not only does it have action, it has every aspect most shoujo anime do. (And hot boys).

Vampire Knight is about Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu who are prefects of the academy, and attempt to keep order between the students as classes rotate in the evenings. As the Night Class is full of utterly gorgeous elites, this can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. It is completely necessary, however, as those “elites” are actually vampires. Yuuki and Zero act as guardians, protecting the secrets of the Night Class and the safety of their ignorant morning counterparts.



Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Mecha anime revolve around giant robots. You know the giant robot joke about Japan? Well this is probably where it started. Any ways, this anime is very diverse and has anime that people who don’t like mecha will want to watch. Unlike shoujo and shounen there’s really no common factor for mecha anime except for the robots. Also, remember when I said people who don’t even like mecha will want to watch a few of these? Well I’m speaking from experience, and this is where my recommendation for the genre comes from. My pick for this genre is Code Geass. This anime is a master piece, even I, some one who doesn’t like mecha was completely into it. And not only that, it’s one of my favorite anime as well.

Code Geass is about Lelouch Lamperouge who is an exiled prince and a student at Ashford Academy. He tends to gamble a lot with his friend Rivalz Cardemonde. one day going home from gambling a truck almost hits Lelouch and Rivalz then drives off road. When Lelouch goes down to make sure they are alright he is given a power by a girl that was inside a large machine that was supposed to be holding poison gas. Now with this power he can finally get revenge on the empire that exiled him.



Hachimitsu to Clover

Joesei translates to “Woman”. This genre is the opposite of shoujo which targets young girls, because this targets older women and usually deals with more realistic romance instead of an ideal romance. Honestly I’ve never watched any josei anime in my life so I can’y give a trust worthy recommendation here. I’m gonna recommend an anime I’ve heard a lot about, Honey and Clover.

Honey and Clover is about Yuuta Takumi, and Shinobu who all share a room together. Shinobu is a mysterious quirky character who does things on a whim.  Takumi is passionate in both work and love, And Yuuta is a simple person with simple dreams and desires. That is until he meets Hagumi, a petite girl with enourous amount of talent. Hagumi is fondly called Hagu by Shuuji, who serves as Hagu’s guardian. Hagu meets Ayumi, nicknamed Ayu, and they become close friends almost instantly. Meanwhile, Ayu falls for one of the boys…

I’ve never watched it but might end up after this blog, it sounds really interesting.


Any ways, that’s all for today. I’ll see ya again next time.

Cya maties!

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